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What We Do
Tennessee Home Design is a full-service design company specializing in custom interiors & exteriors for residential homes.  We pride ourselves in providing the most beautiful, artistic yet practical home environments that are unique to each client’s personality and needs. We provide guidance through the entire design process whether you are simply purchasing furniture or completely gutting and remodeling an entire building. We help make a clear path to your envisioned goal, saving you time by providing appropriate product selections and master plans that fit your goals.
How It Works

We begin the design process by having an initial meeting with you at the project site.  This first meeting is very important as we are there to listen to your ideas and desires for your project.  We need a lot of information from you; verbal descriptions of your likes and dislikes.  We also need you to provide us with images that express your style and vision of what you would like your space to look & feel like; magazine pictures, websites, photographs, sketches etc. as well as neighborhood information and/or HOA rules.  



If you live too far away from the Nashville, TN area for full design services or are not wanting an extensive remodel or working with a modest budget for one or two rooms in your home you may be interested in our online services.

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